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Economic Support

FITE believes that women have the power to yield significant returns for themselves, their families and their communities. By providing women entrepreneurs with access to small loans and business resources, we lend women a hand up, and help fill the gap between what they can do and what they need.

give her the knowledge to succeed

Education & Training

FITE gives girls the knowledge to succeed as entrepreneurs. We believe investing in girls’ education is one of the most effective ways to fight poverty, bolster poor communities, and foster economic growth and stability. Through support of global opportunities to further girls' education, vocational skills and leadership programs, FITE helps girls pursue their dreams.

help her make an impact

Empowering Communities

FITE invests in local grassroots initiatives to help women become leaders, impactful citizens and champions for pressing social issues. Strengthening pathways to entrepreneurship is an important step in helping to change the perceived value of women and girls in society. By connecting our programs with on-the-ground efforts, FITE wants to help the women we support amplify their voices and address human rights issues in their communities.

To date, Dermalogica’s FITE program has helped fund more than 40,000 loans for women to start or grow a business, in the USA and over 65 other countries.

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