meet our dermalogica brand ambassadors:

angela bloomfield

actress / director / mum

"After using Dermalogica both at home and work for the last five years I can testify to its greatness. My skin texture and appearance has improved so much, and the products continue to look after my skin and all the punishment it takes from pollutants, air conditioning, bright lights and the constant wearing of make-up. The products I can't live without are the PreCleanse and the Daily Microfoliant."

anna jullienne

actress / mum

"My skin has changed a lot over the ten years I have been using Dermalogica. From the toll of wearing TV make-up under harsh lights for 10 hours a day, to the rigours of thick stage makeup, and more recently the hormonal changes brought on by pregnancy. Now I lack sleep and time which goes hand in hand with motherhood. The Dermalogica range has supported me and adapted with my skins needs. With the help of the Dermalogica team my skin is robust, nourished and my regime is fast and low maintenance. Success!"

carly flynn

journalist / mum

"Hi I’m Carly Flynn, a long time user and lover of all things Dermalogica. I started using Dermalogica about eight years ago and I’ve never looked back. At the time my skin was suffering from the effects of wearing make-up daily as is required when you’re on the television. The Skin Smoothing Cream and Sheer Tint SPF20 moisturiser are absolute favourites! I admire Dermalogica for constantly trying to improve and innovate - bringing down prices, increasing SPFs and adding new products to the range. I have no skin issues what so ever, and I attribute that largely to my Dermalogica Skincare regime."

kara rickard

radio presenter and dj / mum

"During my twenties I really neglected my skin. I never wore sunscreen, ever. Partly because I couldn't find a product that I liked. When I discovered Dermalogica, I fell in love and have been using it ever since. I wear some form of Dermalogica sunscreen every day. My skin needs change from week to week depending on what I'm doing so I'm a massive fan of all the little boosters that I can add to my moisturiser, it makes it really easy to make sure my skin is getting exactly what it needs"

marc moore

stolen girlfriends club creative director

"Dermalogica is like my daily treat to myself. It’s the one routine that i really look forward to every day. I have very fussy skin (HIGH MAINTENANCE!) and I’ve tried every product under the sun. Dermalogica wins every time!"

sarah cowley

olympian heptathlete / physiotherapist

"Years ago I decided I needed to look after my skin as I was spending a decent amount of time in the sun due to living in back-to-back summers as I trained and competed as an Olympic athlete. Dermalogica was the obvious choice for me, providing great care for my skin both during training and travel. My skin fell in love with the products long before I was an ambassador. I am proud to represent such a wonderful brand with strong ethical principles. My absolute favorite products are the Skin Smoothing Cream and the Daily Microfoliant - both leave you feeling refreshed and just so good!"

tiffany jeans

creative director / curio noir / mum

"Dermalogica products have been a staple in my daily routine since my skin became very sensitive with my first pregnancy 12 years ago. Over the years Dermalogica has met the ever changing needs for my skin and given me the confidence to be happily foundation free for many years! I love how Dermalogica bring nature and science together. The research behind all of their products is unprecedented and you can always be assured what you are using on your skin works.
Growing an ethically sound label with a considered conscience is important to me and my brand Curio Noir and I am particularly proud to support the FITE Campaign. For Dermalogica to provide talented women around the world with education, micro loans and support to become entrepreneurs, to me, is a great initiative and very inspiring."

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