our favourite kiwi's share their skin tips!


I religiously drink 2 liters of water every day which I think does your skin wonders. If you like a coffee or two during the day then it’s even more paramount that you have lots of water.


I find my skin fluctuates between seasons. It’s a lot drier in the Winter, and then way more oily in the Summer months. So for Winter I step up to the Intensive Moisture Balance. In Summer I drop back to Active Moist. Works a treat!"



angela bloomfield

"I'm a big believer in hydration and a healthy diet, your skin is a reflection of what your body is managing. Moisturiser is one thing but sun protection is the best anti-ageing choice you can make.


kara rickard

"Always wear sunscreen. I add Solar Defence Booster to my moisturiser everyday, even in the Winter. I drink a glass of warm water and apple cider vinegar every morning. Apple cider vinegar, is great for drawing toxins out of the skin and has loads of other great benefits!"



sarah cowley

"As an athlete staying hydrated is so important. Our bodies contain a lot of fluid (around 70%) and keeping this balanced is essential to get the most out of your training sessions and daily life! As an athlete that relies on my elastic properties (my springs!), keeping my fascia (connective tissue) properly hydrated in training has been imperative.

To kick start my daily hydration I always have a glass of water on waking. It's an easy way of getting the good stuff in you to make the most out of every day!"


anna jullienne

"My skin has changed a lot over the ten years I have been using Dermalogica. From the toll of wearing TV makeup, under harsh lights for ten hours a day, to the rigors of thick stage makeup, to more recently the hormonal changes brought on by pregnancy and now, the lack of sleep and time which goes hand in hand with motherhood, my skin care has had to adapt.

The Dermalogica range has supported me and adapted with my skins needs. With the help of the Dermalogica team my skin is robust, nourished and my regime is fast and low maintenance. Success!"



tiffany jeans

"I make sure throughout the day I remind myself to breathe, this oxygenates the blood which in turn helps to hydrate your skin, amongst other wonderful things. Breathe!”

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carly flynn

"I look forward to a regular Dermalogica facial for the ultimate treat and time out!

I also try to schedule in my exercise much like a meeting so I can put my health and wellness first before all the other things on my to do list!”


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