coronavirus lockdown: top skin care issues and how to solve them

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  • Chronic stress, frequent cleansing and lifestyle disruption can lead to skin issues like breakouts, dehydration, dullness and sensitivity.
  • When skin issues strike at home, reach out to a professional skin therapist for advice and a professional skin treatment.

  • Lockdown (aka quarantine) may have created skin care silver linings for some of us, like a break from harsh sunlight and make-up. But for most of us, factors like chronic stress and face masks have led to more skin issues. Keeping up a healthy skin care routine may also have been difficult. Here are the top issues we’ve been helping people with – and how to solve them:

    breakouts: why you’re getting them and how to get clear skin

    Breakouts occur for many reasons, but stress is a big one. Chronic stress can result from abrupt lifestyle changes and their lingering effects. This triggers an increase in stress-related hormones, sending skin’s sebaceous (oil) glands into overdrive. Excess oil helps breakouts thrive. Breakout-fighting products and stress management techniques can help you control and prevent excess oil.
    Breakout-causing bacteria are also a top cause – and they can linger on face masks. If you’re breaking out where you normally wear your face mask, clean or change your face mask after every use. Wash reusable cloth face masks with gentle, fragrance-free detergent to avoid further irritating your skin. Last note: We’re all using our phones more these days. Be sure to disinfect yours daily to avoid transferring bacteria to your face.

    sensitivity and dehydration: a cause-and-effect relationship

    Sensitive skin tends to feel itchy and uncomfortable while dehydrated skin tends to feel dry and tight. These conditions are related.
    Chronic stress can impair your skin barrier, as can frequent hand washing and hand sanitizing. Your skin barrier helps keep moisture in and irritants out. When your barrier is impaired, moisture escapes rapidly. This leaves your skin dehydrated – and prone to sensitivity.
    To help combat sensitivity and dehydration, it’s imperative to moisturize frequently. (It also helps to drink lots of water and keep working on that stress.)
    One other thing to note: If you’ve been impulse-buying (and trying) a lot of new products on your skin, you may have over-sensitized it. Stop using new products for a week and reintroduce them one by one to see which one is irritating your skin. A more consistent routine of products that you know will work for you is the best way to go.

    dull, tired skin: how to get your glow back

    Dullness can make skin look tired, uneven and prematurely-aged. If dullness is a top concern for you, it could be related to dehydration, lack of nutrients in your diet or lack of exercise. All three are totally normal when your routine is thrown out the window.
    It can be hard to motivate when your life is disrupted, but healthy lifestyle habits promote a healthy glow. Try to stay hydrated, avoid sugary, refined foods, and keep your body moving – your skin may look brighter.
    Spending a lot of time indoors can also leave skin vulnerable to sun damage, blue light, and free radicals. All of these factors can dull skin. The sun’s UVA rays can penetrate windows and accelerate skin aging. Blue light, found in both sunlight and electronic devices, may damage collagen. Free radicals can be produced by both, as well as indoor pollution. To defend your skin, wear a Broad Spectrum physical suncreen daily (yes, even indoors!).
    You can kickstart a healthy-looking glow by exfoliating your skin with an at-home exfoliant. (Our Daily Microfoliant is gentle enough for everyday use!) You can also book an exfoliating peel with a professional skin therapist. Professional exfoliation is the perfect way to hit the refresh button and get your glow back

    solve multiple skin concerns at once

    Treating multiple skin issues at once can be tricky at home. Without professional guidance, you may be helping in one area and undoing your efforts in another. Instead, book a consultation and skin treatment with a professional skin therapist, or chat with one online. They can give you advice on how to adjust your routine and get lasting results.

    your safety is our top priority

    Our skin therapists are Clean Touch Certified, meaning they are trained to uphold our new standards of safety and sanitation to ensure your skin treatments are clean. Whether you want to reach your skin goals with an in-person treatment or through online communication, we are here for you.

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