scarring- what can i do?

We share our top tips on how to treat and reduce scarring from breakouts.

Enduring breakouts is no fun, and even traumatic for some of us. Those particularly nasty doses of spots or acne often leave behind another super-annoying skin-condition to deal with – scarring. While scarring seems like the most unfair side-effect from having to go through breakouts (and it really is), there are things we can do to prevent scarring from showing up and to speed up its departure.

Let’s start at the beginning and talk about prevention, because if we can stop scarring from becoming a problem at all that’s ideal! By developing a great skincare regime using quality products you’re giving your skin its best chance you can at staving off breakouts and acne. The very basics? An effective cleanser, moisturiser and exfoliant. Keeping your skin as clean and free of bacteria as you can (without over drying) will help to prevent pimples from forming as will helping your skin shed a build-up of dead, dry skin cells by exfoliating. Your skin needs to be hydrated in order to function properly, so don’t think that if you have oily skin you should forgo a moisturiser, simply choose an oil-free option. Internally, avoiding dairy which can congest some skins and sugar which encourages inflammation may help matters. If, despite your best skincare efforts, you’re still faced with persistent breakouts, you may need medical intervention, this is just a reality for some people and a path to choose if you need to.

We get the temptation, but whatever you do, do not pick and/or squeeze, as this is one way to encourage scarring. Doing this can rupture the pore and cause a serious wound. Pimples can leave scars even when left alone so don’t help the process along by adding some rough treatment. To help to clear spots quickly, use an effective topical treatment such as Clear Start’s Breakout Clearing Booster and then hands off!

There are two distinct types of acne scarring which will respond to varying treatments so it’s important to know the difference between the two. Some scarring can appear as an area of darkened skin where the pimple was, this is referred to as hyperpigmentation and is caused by the inflammation an angry pimple produces. Alternatively, a depression or ‘crater-like’ area can form where the pimple was. This occurs when not enough new skin or collagen is produced when the skin attempts to repair itself from the pimple-damage.

With acne-induced hyperpigmentation, over time this type of scarring will fade, but you can speed up this process. A daily application of SPF is an absolute must to prevent these darker spots from getting even darker. It’s a great idea to add products into your routine that contain lightening ingredients such as liquorice or vitamin C too.

Along with topicle product use, the following professional treatments can also be effective at treating scars.


It makes sense that to improve the appearance of scarring we want to encourage newer, healthier skin cells to regenerate and migrate to the surface of the skin and of course that’s what exfoliating does! We can do this in many ways, including the use of at-home chemical exfoliants and physical scrubs or by using out skin therapist’s skills and having microdermabrasion or chemical peel treatments. It pays to get professional advice here and whatever you do, do not use any abrasive exfoliation methods on active breakouts, this will only make matters worse!


Another powerful tool at your skin therapist’s fingertips that can have seriously amazing results with acne scarring is Microneedling. By using a pen-like device with lots of tiny needles, controlled trauma is delivered to the skin without causing damage. In response, a whole lot of new collagen is produced and that’s great news for those areas of scarring where there’s been a lack of collagen growth during the pimple-healing process and ‘dents’ have been created. As this treatment helps to lighten pigmentation too, it will also work well for the darkened spots left by breakouts too.

LED & Laser Therapy

LED Light Therapy can be very effective when it comes to reducing the appearence of scarring. LED lights are targeted deep into the skin cells to help induce faster healing and imporve the look of scarring. It is very important to have a medical consultation with a professional before a treatment to ensure you are the right candidate and discuss result options for your skin.

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