silly season skincare guide

The festive season is here! Which means more parties, more sun and more stress. This can really takes it's toll on the skin, causing breakout, dehydration and dull looking skin. Check out our handy guide to keeping your skin in check this silly season.

1. remove your makeup properly

Eyes are often forgotten and are always the first to show the signs of fatigue. When you’re tired and have had a late night is common to go to sleep without removing eye makeup properly. Sleeping with makeup on your eyes can cause irritation and results in dry, itchy eyes.

2. up your liquids (margaritas don't count!)

Drinking plenty of water is essential, as is taking vitamin supplements during party season. For the odd breakout make sure you have your Breakout Clearing Booster at the ready to kill breakout causing bacteria within 15 minutes!

3. fake it till you make it

Stay sun smart! Don’t bake in the sun to try and achieve a golden tan, self-tans are also an awesome option to even out the skin tone on your body, but you can also use a wash-off bronzer which perfectly evens out minor imperfections while giving you a great instant-tan effect.

4. use the right products

Ensure the moisturiser you’re using is right for your skin. If you have oily skin, you still need to be wearing moisturiser. When your skin doesn’t get enough hydration it starts to over-compensate by producing more oil…leading to more breakouts! Check out of Clearing Defense SPF30 moisturiser to thoroughly hydrate the skin whilst maintaining an all-day matte finish…plus it has SPF30 protection!

5. treat yo'self

All that partying can take its toll! Treat your skin to a mask give it the boost it needs, or go and have a professional skin treatment. Dermalogica Skin Centres offer Pro Skin 30 treatments which can include Clear Start product (as well as professional boosters) and will provide more advanced results than what you can do at home.

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