winter skin

“With the onset of cooler weather we all reach for an extra layer of clothing but how often do we consider the effect of the change in weather on our skin? Dry, cold winter air wreaks havoc with hydration levels in our skin and can cause skin dryness, tightness and fines lines to develop. Just as you might update your wardrobe for winter, look at getting some professional advice on how to winterise your skin care regime. Something as simple as incorporating a masque into your weekly routine can have a dramatic effect on your winter skin health.

Winter is also the perfect time to have a series of skin treatments, such as Dermalogica’s BioSurfaceTM Peel, to help combat summer damage such as hyperpigmentation, sun spots and age spots.”

Caroline Parker, Head of Education for Dermalogica New Zealand.

sleep: the simple Rx for healthier skin

Did you know that the body naturally regenerates itself at night? That’s right! As we power down for the day, our bodies switch from “defence mode” to “regeneration mode” in what’s called a circadian rhythm.

The body uses sleep to renew and recharge itself, skin renewal rates double at this time, while collagen levels rise and the body works to suppress UV-induced damage.

To optimise this natural skin cycle of night repair, look for products that are specially formulated to work as you sleep.

*Rx = medical prescription

For maximum nighttime skin repair, targeted treatment products are designed to work when the body is in peek regeneration mode, such as Overnight Repair Serum, Pure Night, Overnight Clearing Gel or Ultracalming Serum Concentrate depending on your skin concerns.

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