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dermalogica experts

Dermalogica Experts are the skin therapists which have the highest Dermalogica qualifications available. They know Dermalogica products and treatments inside out. You can be assured that your skin will be in the best hands if you visit a Dermalogica Expert for treatments or product advice.


Katey Robinson

Pure Day Spa

"My favourite product is Sound Sleep Cocoon!
I cannot live without my Sound Sleep Cocoon the smell and feel of it warms my heart, as soon as I put it on my mind and body just slip into a tranquil state of rest and relaxation. I love the fact my skin is getting hydrated and replenished as I snooze."

Alisha Lim

Studio Z

"My favourite product is PreCleanse, going to bed with cleansed, soft, healthy skin is the best feeling. I love that the formula is packed with essential oils to keep my skin soft. The water soluble formula prevent breakouts on my
 skin too!"

Tanika Faurie

Bare Waxing Belmont

"My favourite product is Sheer Tint – Absolutely love the lightweight texture and coverage, it’s a bonus being a SPF and moisturiser all in one – my go to every morning! Could not live without it!"

Bianka Dalton

Skintopia, Commercial Bay

"My favourite product is BioLumin-C Serum, I can’t live without it, BioLumin-C Serum brightens, smooths and always make my skin glow."

Thai Lam

Skintopia, Commercial Bay

"My favourite product is Retinol Clearing Oil,  It has an instant result on my skin, helping clear my hormonal breakouts and evens the overall texture of my skin"

Beverly Danyali

Louise Gray Skincare

"The MultiVitamin Power Serum, OMG what a stunning product! Multiple active ingredients to address the signs and causes of ageing on the skin. Encapsulated vitamins that are delivered by liposomes directly to where they will be most useful, peptides to switch off the biochemical triggers that cause the skin to age, a cosmecutecial superstar!"

Hannah Brockbank

Louise Gray Skincare

"Even though it is nearly impossible to choose only one product: my current fave is Daily Superfoliant. I love this product because it suits a wide range of clients and addresses so many skin concerns"

Nalini Lata

Bare Waxing, Glen Innes

"My fave product is Phyto Replenish Oil because it's very hydrating. I love the light oil texture that doesn't feel heavy on my skin but instead leaves a dewy finish. Also the fact that it helps repair my skin is a bonus. I love talking about this product to my clients - everyone who uses Phyto Replenish Oil loves it!"

Krystie Marriot

Skin Sanctuary Day Spa

"As much as I love all Dermalogica products, If I only had one to choose it would have to be Pure Light SPF50. I love that this daytime treatment moisturiser is packed with peptides and active ingredients. Its amazing to help combat uneven skin tone and pigmentation, as well as an incredibly high SPF factor. You really cant go wrong! Pair it up with the rest of the PowerBright TRx range and say hello to brighter, more luminous skin!"

Amber Forrest

Beauty Antix

"At the moment, my favourite is Intensive Moisture Balance because of its silky texture in application and the way it hydrates my skin leaving it soft and supple throughout the day and night without any underlying oiliness."

Claire Jarman

Mia Dolce

"My all-time favourite product is BioLumin-C Serum. It definitely brightens the skin, whilst helping to lighten pigmentation. I also love that it has an AHA in it also, to deliver gentle exfoliation and hydration. Everyone should have this product in their lives!"

Jasmine Wells

Mia Dolce

"My favourite product is Barrier Repair. I love its ability to restore skins healthy barrier, while keeping inflammation at bay. I always recommend it to anyone that suffers with sensitivity or reactive skin. Having battled with Rosacea, I wouldn't be without my tube of Barrier Repair!"

Lenore McIver

Elizabeth Palmer Skincare

"After working with Dermalogica for over 20 years it is nearly impossible to single out one personal favourite! One product I LOVE and could not go without is Dynamic Skin Recovery SPF 50. I have always believed one of the most important ingredients we need to maintain skin integrity is a high SPF. This stunning medium-weight moisturizer helps defend against the Bio-Chemical triggers that lead to premature aging. Antioxidant rich White Tea along with powerful Peptides, Glucosamine, Rose and Clove Oil provide amazing protection, collagen stimulation and hydration. A must-have product for your skins future!"

Shannon Kingstone

Elizabeth Palmer Skincare

"I have been a derma-holic for 6 years now and would never go back to using any other brand. My favourite all time product would have to be Pure light SPF 50, during the summer months my skin increases in oil flow with some light pigmentation and occasional breakouts. Pure light SPF 50 is a perfect light weight moisturizer and SPF, to lighten and prevent further pigmentation with the added benefit of the Niacinamide helps to reduce my summer breakouts."

Carla Betcancur

Elizabeth Palmer Skincare

"My favourite product is PreCleanse because it removes oils without clogging pores. It's amazing at removing heavy makeup and is safe to use around the eye area."

Paige Churcher

Changes Medispa

"My fave product would have to be PreCleanse! I Love how it takes off all my make up with ease and that it nourishes my skin at the same time."

Nicole Moore

The Beauty Room 

"My favourite Dermalogica product - how to choose just one! I have used this range for over 12 years in my salon and absolutely love the results each product provides. I couldn't be without the BioLumin-C Serum, it gives my skin an instant glow, smoothes any fine lines, and helps brighten my skin daily. It's definitely one of our top sellers!"

Casey Howard

The Beauty Room 

"My favourite Dermalogica product is Phyto Nature Firming Serum, has such an amazing tightening and rejuvenating effect"

Emily-Jane Guerrero

The Beauty Room 

"My favourite Dermalogica product is the Overnight Repair Serum. it makes my skin look super plump and dewy by the morning."

Melissa Kerr

The Beauty Room 

"My favourite Dermalogica product is Hydro Masque Exfoliant, it's a great 2-in-1 product. Leaves your skin feeling super hydrated."

Melanie Neal

Body & Soul Beauty Clinic 

"My favourite Dermalogica product.. so difficult as there are so many but I will go with MultiVitamin Thermafoliant powered up in the shower. But I love all products! I have been a Dermalogica fan and used their product for over 30 years."

Kirstie Focus

Skintopia, Old Bank Arcade

"I love my skin to look healthy and dewy so my favourite products to use are Skin Resurfacing Cleanser for that gentle daily cleanse, Phyto Replenish Oil to create that dewy look and Dynamic Skin Recovery for everyday protection"

Hayley Wilkin

Skintopia, Old Bank Arcade

"My favourite product is PreCleanse. This was such a hard choice! But since the day I tried PreCleanse for the first time in 2008, I was addicted. There's nothing more satisfying than seeing makeup, dirt and oil melt off your skin at the end of a long day."

Samantha Commins

Skintopia, Old Bank Arcade

"My favourite product at the moment would be the Melting Moisture Masque it’s so nourishing and I wake up feeling so plump and hydrated."

Whitney Deck

Skintopia, Old Bank Arcade

"AGE Bright Spot Fader, is the best spot treatment I have ever used, I pop it on at night and by morning it has really diminished. A true saviour for breakouts."

Catherine Halford

Skintopia, Old Bank Arcade

"BioLumin-C Serum is the perfect serum to brighten my skin. At the end of summer I start to notice more uneven skin tone and pigmentation, from all the extra time spent outdoors. BioLumin-C Serum evens my skin tone out again. It absorbs quickly under moisturiser and instantly brings back a glow to my skin."

Caitlin Moloney

Simply Indulgent

"I would have to say the Overnight Repair Serum is my favourite product. While it's hard to choose just one, I love this serum for the reason it is such a beautiful oil as well as a serum and not heavy at all. Its particularly great for my ageing clients (although late twenties onwards for the prevention side of things is amazing too) and I love the subtle rose fragrance."

Fiona Ritchie 

Simply Indulgent

"My favourite product is the Retinol Clearing Oil, it is multifunctional works for both adult acne and ageing. In my opinion the absolute best and only product on the market like it!"

Jessica Yarrel-Andrerson

The Right Cut

"My ABSOLUTE favourite product from Dermalogica is Precleanse It's amazing to remove a heavy coverage of makeup and to prep the skin for the second cleanse. I love to use this as the first step in my treatments and my clients love the smell and the silky
feeling of it."

Di Thomas

Body N Beauty Worx

"Multivitamin Thermafoliant, I love it as I get horrible whiteheads and using this exfoliant stops them re-appearing."

Laura Woodham

Body N Beauty Worx

"I love the Intensive Moisture Balance as it’s very calming and super hydrating."

Amalfi Trujillo

Amalfi Medispa

"My favourite product is the Dynamic Skin Recovery SPF50 because works not only as an effective moisturiser, this products gives me instant hydration that can relieve my skin of dullness and dryness. My skin looks younger and healthier. Also with SPF50 sunscreen protection, I feel my skin is protected all day long."

Gina Lee

Sharper Image

"My favourite is PreCleanse, one of Dermalogica's hero products which is amazing at removing make-up! The product is oil-based and when mixed with water emulsifies and dissolves dirt, cleaning you skin thoroughly"

Elizabeth Edie

Glow Dunedin

"My favourite Dermalogica product is  Calm Water Gel, as it gives my skin much need hydration and is so nice to apply."

Fiona Wilton 

Beautique Skin and Body Therapy

"As a therapist it's so hard to choose one favourite product, but I really love the Overnight Repair Serum. This oil transforms the skin, revitalising and restoring moisture and retexturing the skin. The fragrance from the essential oils contained in it somehow evoke a sensory experience all of its own. It's hard to describe but the smell alone is an experience in itself! When I first started using this product clients would really comment on my skin and how luminous it looked! Needless to say I am hooked"

Holly Vincent 

Urban Beauty Spa

"My favourite product would have to be PreCleanse Oil. I use this every evening. Not only does it smell amazing but it takes stubborn makeup off with such ease."

Michele Gray

Urban Beauty Spa

"Antioxidant Hydramist is my all-time favourite product as I just cannot do without it! It’s packed full of great age fighting ingredients and prepares the skin perfectly for serums and moisturisers."

Alice Haggerty

Body & Soul Beauty Clinic

"My favourite product at the moment is the Melting Moisture Masque, it feels amazing on my skin without being too heavy and is just what I need this time of year to keep my skin balanced."

Haley Pikari

Body & Soul Beauty Clinic

"MultiVitamin Thermafoliant….it’s simply the best! It makes your skin feel so smooth, and hydrated, and does a great job at exfoliating. I love this product!"

Robyn Headen

Bare Waxing

"My absolute favourite product is the Multi-Vitamin Power Recovery Masque. This product leaves my skin feeling brighter, calmer and more hydrated. Even better is to sleep in this masque and let it work its magic overnight – your skin looks and feels amazing!”