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ball season skin

ball season skin

A handy timeline guide to get you looking and feeling your most glam for the year’s biggest party.

6 weeks out

First things first; do you have a skincare routine?  Taking care of your skin health with even the simplest of routines will have a huge impact on how your skin looks on the big night.  Your skin needs an effective cleanser and hydrating moisturiser at the very least to stay in great shape.  If you’re unsure of which products will be best for your skin, then consider visiting a skin health professional for some fantastic, personalised advice to get that routine going!

Circulation boosts your glow!  When we get our bodies moving, all of the precious nutrients and oxygen in our blood get delivered to our skin cells.  This promotes healthy, happy skin!

Another way to deliver those vital nutrients to our skin is to eat them of course. Yes, burgers and chocolate bars are fun to eat sometimes but they do our complexion no favours. Foods that our skin loves include green veges, nuts and seeds, good fats such as those found in avocadoes and olive oil and fish such as salmon. Increase your intake of these superfoods and your skin and general wellbeing will improve bigtime. They’re pretty tasty options too!

4 weeks out 

Hydrate!  Drinking plenty of water (yes, the famous 8 glasses) means that your skin will be able to properly flush toxins to aid in clearer skin and will also of course increase your skin’s moisture content.  By hydrating your skin, you are likely to lessen an overproduction of oil which can lead to breakouts.

Now is the time for your trial runs.  Test that spray tan you’ve been looking at having before booking it in.  Have your makeup trial done or it you’re opting for a DIY look, have a few goes at perfecting your makeup look to lessen any stress on ball-day.  If you’re planning on having your brows shaped professionally for the first time, now would be the time to get them done, that way you can simply book in for a tidy-up just before the big event and you will have time to get used to your new look.

2 weeks out

Don’t forget about your body!  Exfoliate all over with a loofah or scrub and follow with a hydrating lotion to encourage soft, supple, healthy -looking skin all over.  Making an effort here will mean a more even, beautiful spray tan too!  Important note; Be extra-vigilant with sun protection in the ball lead-up.  Burnt and/or peeling skin will not look cute with your outfit. 

 Teeth not exactly camera-ready?  You can find some effective, safe and affordable teeth-brightening products at the supermarket to help to perfect your smile for all of those pics on the night!

1 week out 

Breakouts can pop up when we least want them, like a week before ball!  Try not to panic and pick and squeeze whatever you do.  An active, targeted breakout treatment such as Clear Start’s Breakout Clearing Booster helps to heal spots rapidly.  Use this morning and /or night and watch those annoying spots fade fast!

the night before

There’s a reason that ‘beauty sleep’ is a thing; while we sleep is when our skin repairs and regenerates and any inflammation is reduced.  A good night’s sleep will lessen the chance of dark under-eye circles and bags too!

To help you to wind down in preparation for your slumber, pop on a pore-refining mask such as Clear Start’s Blackhead Clearing Fizz Mask and relax with your favourite sleepy-time tea.

ball day

You’ve put the work in and today’s the day!  Relax, smile and have the time of your life!!

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