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how to use ice globes

how to use ice globes

Get ready to refresh your skin, reduce eye puffiness and ease facial tension with our Clear Start Ice globes. They are ergonomically designed and shaped so that they simply glide over your facial contours. To get the most out of your ice globes use them twice daily.

how to use ice globes

AM routine - to wake up sleepy skin and puffy eyes

PM routine – to relax and pamper

After you have cleansed your face, apply your favourite Clear Start Moisturiser like cooling aqua jelly or our NEW breakout clearing liquid peel and then for about 5 -10 minutes gently massage or glide the ice globes in sweeping motions across the skin. Always work from the centre of the face outwards to encourage the flow of lymph.

what do ice globes do for me?

Cool temps help to increase lymph flow whilst helping to detoxify the tissues and improve oxygenation as the blood flow increases and the skin rewarms. The ice globes are naturally cool but can be placed on ice or in the fridge to increase their cooling effect and to cool areas of redness and inflammation.

Use under the eye area to reduce eye puffiness and reduce sinus pressure by simply performing a slow drain across this area.

Remember to always sanitise your ice globes after use.

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