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NEW phyto nature lifting eye cream
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Is your skin sensitive or sensitised?

Is your skin sensitive or sensitised?

Skin type vs skin condition  

Sensitive and sensitised skins can look very similar and it’s often hard to know which one that you might have. 

A sensitive skin is a skin type, your skin type is genetic and while you can use skin care products to control and maintain it as soon as you stop using them your sensitive skin type will come back 

A sensitised skin is a skin condition. Skin conditions are due to external factors and can vary on your skin at different times. You can often have more than one skin condition on your skin at any time.  


How do I know which one I have? 

To know if you have a true sensitive skin type or sensitised skin you can keep a skin diary to see if your skin is always sensitive or if it comes and goes. Often with a sensitised skin you can get a tingling sensation or stinging and a redness that comes and goes.  


How do I avoid my sensitive skin becoming worse or my skin becoming sensitised? 

Often with a sensitive skin and sensitised skin there will be triggers that can make them worse. The key is to find out what your triggers are through your skin diary. Some tiggers can be, recent surgery, spicy food, weather, medication, and hormones. At Dermalogica we would always recommend that everyone avoids using any skin care products with perfume in or that contain any stripping alcohols as they are known skin irritants. 


How can I help my sensitive/sensitised skin? 

At Dermalogica we have our Ultra Calming line of products which treat the multiple triggers behind inflammation for lasting relief from sensitivity flare-ups. With a sensitive skin you want to maintain and control. The key products to do this area cleanser and moisturiser. We’d recommend the ultracalming cleanser — Dermalogica NZ which is a cooling gel based cleanser which can be removed with cottonwool if your skin is being irritated by water and calm water gel — Dermalogica NZ which is a weightless water-gel moisturiser hydrates dry, sensitive skin. Less is more if your skin is particularly sensitive or sensitised. 

For a sensitised skin our hero product is barrier repair — Dermalogica NZ, which helps to fortify sensitised skin with a damaged barrier, our exclusive UltraCalming Complex contains Oat and botanical actives to help minimise discomfort. It also helps restore a healthy barrier function.   


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