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NEW phyto nature lifting eye cream
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new year, new skin goals

new year, new skin goals

Make glowing, healthy skincare a part of your 2023 new years resolutions, our expert shares the top changes to make to your routine for a year of healthy skin habits.

  1. Protect every day

This will always be our number one tip for any skincare user! Not only does a sunscreen work to protect the skin from harmful UV rays and prevent skin cancer, it also has a huge role to play in the amount of extrinsic ageing our skin encounters. Slip, slap, slop everyday… even when its overcast to ensure your skin is well protected and allow your other skincare products to work more effectively. Try Our Clearing Defense spf30 

  1. Hands off

Constantly touching your face can be a hard habit to break, but worth it If you are wanting clearer skin in 2023. Our hands pick up millions of bacteria every day (even with the amount of hand sanitizer we are using at the moment), which is no wonder why breakouts seemingly pop up overnight.

This year, try and refrain from resting your chin on your hand and picking at breakouts to greatly reduce the amount of pimples popping up and allow the skin to repair more quickly.

  1. Clean skin before bed

Going to bed with clean skin is sometimes easier said than done, especially when you’ve had a long day. Make it part of your new everyday routine to never go to sleep without double cleansing your skin. Double cleansing ensures all dirt, bacteria, makeup and other nasties are thoroughly removed so the skin can repair itself effectively whilst you sleep. Our favourite cleanser is the Breakout Clearing Foaming Wash 

  1. Out with the old

The new year is a great time to look at what is and what isn’t working for your skin. Take a look through your bathroom cupboard and get rid of any old products that are not safe to use on the skin anymore. Many products, such as SPF, have an expiry date which can usually be found on the side or underside of your products. If your product doesn’t have an expiry a small “pottle” image with the number 6, 12 or 24 inside should be visible on the bottle – this means the product was intended for use within "6" “12” or “24” months from the date of opening. Any products you’ve had longer than that? Throw them away as the active ingredients wont be effective anymore and could be doing more harm than good.

  1. Up your water intake

Now we have gotten over the silly season, its time to re-hydrate and up the water intake, daily. Your skin is made up of around 64% water so it’s no wonder that a dehydrated body can lead to dullness and fine lines in our skin! Water also aids digestion, circulation, absorption and helps the body get rid of toxins.

  1. Neck and Chest

Did you know the neck and chest are one of the first areas to show signs of premature ageing? That’s why it’s so important these areas are included with all of the skincare products you love to use on your face! The skin on the neck is especially thin so it is important to cover this area with SPF daily. Another tip is to ensure your shower isn’t too hot when hitting your chest and neck area to avoid redness and skin damage.

  1. See an expert

Not sure where to start or feel that your skincare routine needs a review? Book in to see one of our amazing Dermalogica skin experts in person. They will perform a Face Mapping Skin Analysis and take a thorough look at your routine to advise what changes need to be made for the health of your skin. A list of our stockist can be found here: store locator — Dermalogica NZ

  1. Clean your devices

This is a great habit to get into and often something that is neglected throughout the year but makes all the difference to our skin. Our phones go everywhere with us (even sometimes to the bathroom!) which is why we need to be cleaning them regularly. We recommend sanitizing your phone with wipes at least once a week to remove dirt and bacteria which is easily transferrable to your skin.

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