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Show your skin some love this Valentine's Day

Show your skin some love this Valentine's Day

This Valentines Day, forget the roses, chocolate and candlelit dinner… we’re all about showing our skin some extra love this year!


Give yourself a massage

Facial massage has many benefits to the skin and can be done on a regular basis to enhance your current regime or as a one off if you’re stuck for time. Massage increases circulation which allows the skin to heal and repair itself quickly from the stresses of daily life, whilst giving you a brighter, more youthful complexion. Along with increasing our circulatory system, our lymphatic system is also stimulated. The Lymphatic System is an essential part of the removal of toxins and waste from the body and will help to de-puff and reduce swelling in the face.

A lot of tension can build up in the face during the day, squinting at the sun or having a slight frown when sitting at your desk all day can have a detrimental effect on the formation of wrinkles and fine lines - massage helps to relieve pressure and acts as a reminder to relax the facial muscles.

Best performed when you have a serum or moisturiser applied, so your hands glide over the face with ease, alternatively if you don’t have product on hand – try a pressure point massage on the temples to relieve pressure which leads to tension headaches and sinus problems.

Sleep with your masque on

A great way to provide some extra TLC to your skin is to apply a hydrating masque – we love Multi Vitamin Power Recovery Masque and Melting Moisture for this! Most masques are recommended to be left on the skin for at least 5-10 minutes to allow for absorption for by sleeping with your masque on, skin is deeply nourished and hydrated by morning. Just remember to apply a towel over your pillow to avoid staining and don’t apply a masque over the recommended time frame if any exfoliating or acne/breakout ingredients are present.

Deeply cleanse

Double cleansing should be part of your everyday routine to ensure the skin is thoroughly cleansed and free from makeup, pollutants, debris and other nasties – especially before you go to bed.

The average women spends just 20 seconds cleansing her skin on a daily basis – which isn't enough to get a thorough cleanse. Try to spend a little extra time ensuring the skin is properly cleansed and ensure you pay extra attention to areas such as the hair line, between the brows and down the sides of the nose – these are all areas which are commonly missed and can see a build up of makeup and products, resulting in congestion and breakouts.

We always recommend starting your cleanse off with either Pre Cleanse to remove everything from the skin surface, but have you tried to power up your second cleanse? Powering up your second cleanse is by adding an exfoliant in with your cleanser, our favourite way to do this is by adding half a teaspoon of Daily Microfoliant or Daily Superfoliant in with your current cleanser to thoroughly exfoliate and slough off any dead skin cells to reveal smooth, newer skin underneath.

Rethink your regime

Have you been using the same old products for the last for seasons or years! It may be time to have a refresh of your regime and show your bathroom cupboard some love, after all our skin is constantly changing along with the needs of our skin – so why shouldn’t our products change too?

Take a look at what is working or not working for your skin and refocus on what your skin goals are. If you’re not sure where to start, book a virtual consultation with a Dermalogica skin therapist here who will be happy to help you in choosing the right products for your skin or reach out to us via live chat on our website.

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