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Why do I need to double cleanse my skin?

Why do I need to double cleanse my skin?

What Is Double Cleansing?  

Double cleansing is cleansing twice in your skincare routine, both morning and evening. First, you use cleansing oil to remove any surface makeup, dirt, impurities, or excess oils. At Dermalogica we have our precleanse which is suitable for all skin types to use for their first cleanse. 

Pre Cleanse removes oils without clogging pores, and conditions the skin with essential fatty acids nourishing the skin. A cleanser with an oil base is essential as the first cleanse because like attracts like, meaning that the oil formulation attracts oil impurities on the skin. 

 It enables your second Dermalogica cleanser to work more efficiently. The debris and oil built up on your skin through the day has now been washed away, ready for the second cleanse to thoroughly clean the skins surface.  

To find out your skin type and the best second cleanser for your skin we have a few options available to you. You can book a virtual consultation with one of our team through this link Dermalogica NZ and we can talk through your skin concerns and products best suited to your skin. You can also visit your nearest Dermalogica skin centre, by clicking on this link you can find your closest one store locator  or you can email us and a qualified skin therapist will be able to answer your skin questions.   

What are the benefits of double cleansing?  

Double cleansing is beneficial to everyone, In the evening it will remove any SPFs and makeup you’ve had on your skin during the day. If makeup and SPFs sit on your skin overnight, it could cause you to wake up to a duller-looking complexion or even breakouts. Double cleansing is also great for removing environmental pollution from your skin that can prohibit your skin’s regeneration process overnight, which can lead to visible signs of premature skin ageing over time. In the morning we recommend a double cleanse as while you are sleep, your face produces sebum and oil-based impurities which accumulate on the skin. 


Other benefits for double cleansing your skin are: -  

  • That it improves your skin clarity  
  • Your skin will experience fewer breakouts and comedones  
  • You will get better penetration of serums and other targeted treatments you apply after your double cleanse  
  • Easier makeup application  


If you’re not double cleansing your skin already now is a great time to start!   

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