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How to prepare your skin for the silly season

How to prepare your skin for the silly season

How to prepare your skin for the silly season 

Want to know the tricks of the trade when it comes to party ready skin for Christmas and New Year? Read on to learn the essential skin preparation techniques to complement your make-up application for a healthy glow. Not only that, but we’ll also share with you some professional hacks you won't want to miss! 

Top make-up artists will tell you that preparation of the skin is vital for the overall outcome of the make-up look. Make-up will not sit well on an unprepared canvas. Selecting the correct skin care prior to make-up produces the best results; and long-term, helps support skin health. 



The first step to healthy glowing party skin is to prep it well, and healthy skin starts with clean skin. Products won't sit properly if the skin is not adequately prepped, and it can affect the overall finish. 

First on the list is double cleansing. Dermalogica pioneered the double cleanse way back in the 80’s as it’s the most effective way to remove dirt, make-up, pollution, SPF, sweat, excess oils and toxins. You can either use a specific ‘pre-cleansing formula’ like precleanse — Dermalogica NZ, an oil-based cleanser before your regular cleanser or by washing, rinsing and repeating with the same cleanser. 

PRO TIP: PreCleanse is great for cleaning make-up brushes, it removes everything! Soak for 5 minutes, or massage it into the bristles, rinse away thoroughly in warm water. (This is a good way to maintain your brushes and stop make-up building up). 

Make-up artists love Dermalogica’s ultracalming cleanser — Dermalogica NZ to use as a second cleanse, as its gel cream texture is super cooling and hydrating. 

The next part of the prep stage is to exfoliate, buffing away dull dead skin cells will improve skin's texture and smooth skin will reflect light better. daily microfoliant — Dermalogica NZ is a gentle powder based exfoliant with brightening superpowers. 

PRO TIP: You can also make a lip scrub with PreCleanse and Daily Microfoliant.  Add the powder to the oil and gently buff over the lips to smooth. 

If you have a little longer to prep your skin for the big day, rapid reveal peel — Dermalogica NZ is Dermalogica’s maximum strength at home exfoliant with no downtime. Clinically proven to enhance radiance and visibly reduce fine lines. A kick-start phase is recommended if you're looking to achieve accelerated results. Start your Rapid Reveal Peel regimen by using one tube every day for 3 days. After the third day, transition to using once a week. 




The ‘treat’ step is where we can infuse the skin with hydrating ingredients for party ready glowing skin and address some of those pesky skin concerns. For a quick hydration fix add a few drops of circular hydration serum — Dermalogica NZ  into your moisturiser or even your foundation. This oil free formula is perfect for oily, combination or dehydrated skins. For added nourishment, phyto replenish oil — Dermalogica NZwill replenish dry skin for a dewy glow, press a few drops into the skin before moisturising. 

If breakouts are the bane of your party skin, age bright clearing serum — Dermalogica NZ will not only treat and prevent breakouts but also brighten marks that are left behind. 

multi-active toner — Dermalogica NZ is any party goers secret weapon, famed for its hydrating properties, this spritz toner can be used before or after moisturiser but also spritzed over make-up for a dewy finish.

PRO TIP: Mix Multi Active Toner into foundation cake or powder to ease spread and application. Spritz make-up sponges to dampen and add hydration to make-up and skin. Dampen down brushes prior to using cake eyeliner or other dry powders. 

If you are more sensitive or flush easily,ultracalming mist — Dermalogica NZ is your red reducing, hydrating hero. Spritz onto skin for instant reduction in redness. 30% reduction in redness in 30 minutes! 


The final step of your party skin regimen is where we add moisturiser and SPF to defend and ‘glow’. To avoid make-up slipping off the skin, selecting the right weight of moisturiser is key.

PRO TIP: Select a lighter weight hydrating moisturiser and leave for a minute to fully absorb before applying your base. Try active moist — Dermalogica NZfor an oil free, hydrated radiance, or biolumin-c gel moisturiser — Dermalogica NZ Dermalogica’s Vitamin C brightening moisturiser for the ultimate party glow. 

Primers are the last step in skin care and first step in make-up. They are designed to even out texture, give the illusion of healthier skin and improve adherence of the make-up, providing a longer lasting finish. Dermalogica’s primer offer great skin care benefits along with enhanced make-up application. 

primers and tints — Dermalogica NZ delivers three benefits in one for healthy, luminous skin. Smooths away fine lines, brightens and primes for flawless skin and lasting coverage. 

So now you know how to get your skin party ready you will be glowing all the way to the dance floor! Just remember to double cleanse it all off before you get into bed. 

For bespoke advice on your skin, book in for a free 1-1 Virtual Consultation with Face Mapping with one of our Professional Skin Therapists by clicking Calendly - Dermalogica NZ. 



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