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NEW phyto nature lifting eye cream
NEW phyto nature lifting eye cream
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Its a clear skin Christmas

Its a clear skin Christmas

Want to know how to get glowing healthy skin with less congestion and breakouts in time for Christmas? Read on to learn the essential skin preparation techniques to complement your Christmas party make-up application for a healthy glow.  

Top make-up artists will tell you that preparation of the skin is vital for the overall outcome of the make-up look. Make-up will not sit well on an unprepared canvas. Selecting the correct skin care prior to make-up produces the best results; and long-term, helps support skin health. 



The first step to healthy glowing party skin is to prep it well, and healthy skin starts with clean skin. Products won't sit properly if the skin is not adequately prepped, and it can affect the overall finish. 

First on the list is cleansing. We have our breakout clearing foaming washThis breakout-fighting, foaming wash clears away dead skin cells, dirt and excess oils that clog pores and cause breakouts. Gentle, non-stripping formula is safe for use daily am + pm. Also, safe to be used as a breakout body wash on the neck, chest or back...wherever skin requires deep cleaning and pore clearing for fewer breakouts. 

The next part of the prep stage is to exfoliate, removing dull dead skin cells will improve skin's texture and smooth skin will reflect light better. We have our new breakout clearing liquid peel this exfoliant really helps to banish breakouts and achieve smoother skin texture with this powerful peel formulated for breakout prone skin. With 10% AHAs and 2% BHAs, it exfoliates deep under the skin to remove dead skin cells and excess oil 



The ‘treat’ step is where we can address some of those pesky skin concerns.  

If breakouts are the bane of your party skin, breakout clearing booster  will not only treat and prevent breakouts, our Patented TT Technology and Phytoplankton Extract work with skin’s natural microbiome and help prevent over-drying. 

Also don’t forget a toner micro-pore mist  is a mist that can do it all! minimise visible pores, reduce excess oil, and help diminish the appearance of post-breakout marks. 



The final step of your party skin regimen is where we add moisturiser and SPF to defend and ‘glow’. To avoid make-up slipping off the skin, selecting the right weight of moisturiser is key. PRO TIP: Select a lighter weight hydrating moisturiser and leave for a minute to fully absorb before applying your base. Try clearing defense spf30 for an oil free, hydrated option.  

For bespoke advice on your skin, book in for a free 1-1 Virtual Consultation with Face Mapping with one of our Professional Skin Therapists by clicking here Calendly - Dermalogica NZ. 



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